Throughout our careers we have had to align company and employee interests to enhance business operations, smooth periods of change and create the best possible working practices and conditions. This experience helps us to better understand the challenges faced by employers and candidates than traditional recruitment businesses. As a result we bring fresh ideas, perspective and energy to your search. We are the South West's experts on Flexible working and can share insight from working with clients in Bristol and the surrounding area about the jobs market and appetite for flexible and agile working.


Shelley is a qualified chartered accountant (ACA) with over 16 years experience of leading large teams and investment decisions across professional services, banking and industry sectors. 

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Kristal has worked in the financial services sector for over 15 years. She is a qualified change and programme management professional (APMG), with extensive experience in project management, business improvement and leading large-scale programmes of organisational change.

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Flexology is leading the change in the South West for more flexible working opportunities - join their campaign today!

Core to Flexology’s business are the four pillars of our mission statement:

1. Develop

Through consultancy and targeted recruitment we will aid our clients to build diverse talent pools within their businesses, leading to evidenced improvement in business and financial performance.  

2. Evidence

Develop and present insight and research to support flexible working and promote understanding of the benefits across the South West leading to an increase in flexible working opportunities.  

3. Represent

Understand our candidates and their career goals, offer training where required and represent them fairly and knowledgeably to improve opportunities for our candidates and ensure we effectively match them to roles.

4. Simplify

Be straightforward and honest to deal with. Our business is built on existing contacts and those gained through meaningful networking and referrals. We only contact clients and candidates as requested and only when it benefits them to ensure we offer a clear, convenient and focused service.