Bristol Equality Charter - an update!

Great news to kick off 2019 - we've pledged our support to the Bristol Equality Charter. This is a city-wide initiative and collective agreement between private, public and voluntary sector organisations to promote the values of equality, diversity and inclusion in Bristol.

3 January 2019

Bristol’s a vibrant city, with a diverse population and an equally diverse workforce - and it’s one that we’re proud to work in. That's why we've adopted the Bristol Equality Charter.

Another reason for becoming signatories is that we wholeheartedly share the ambitions of the Bristol Equality Charter. We strongly believe that putting people first should be a core part of any business strategy and that people who are healthy and happy at work contribute to a more creative and productive environment.

We also think it’s important that we understand our clients’ needs to become more inclusive and diverse - and that we recognise the role that we can play in helping them get there.

Since adopting the charter, we’ve been able to build links and develop relationships with a diverse group of partners and networks that we wouldn’t ordinarily deal with. The benefit to our clients is that if they need help tackling diversity in their own business, or if they want advice about setting their own goals for improvement, we can signpost them to relevant organisations who can give them the practical help and support they need to achieve their aims.

We’re really excited to be involved with the charter. We’ll be meeting up regularly to share support, information and good practice and we’ll be sharing our actions and experiences with you. Whilst we still have lots to learn, what we do know is that by being more inclusive, employers can attract more people from diverse and under-represented groups - and this can only be good news for their business.

Anyone can become a member of the Bristol Equality Charter - it’s free and open to both businesses and individuals. You can find out more by visiting Bristol City Council’s website or drop us an email at if you’d like our insight on making your workplace a happier, more inclusive environment.