Creating happy workplaces and engaging employees

We loved seeing the announcement this week about the winners of Bristol's Happiest Workplace, run by award-winning interior design consultancy Wylde IA.

They seek nominations from employees for the best workplaces in the region.

At both of the winning Bristol firms flexibility is cited as one of the main factors that was key to their employees' happiness at work.

7 December 2017

Congrats to Ghyston winner of the Happiest Small Workplace in Bristol, for allowing employees to work from home as often as they like, with an emphasis on productivity rather than hours worked.

We couldn't be more supportive of this approach, it's about the work your staff do and not the hours that they do it in. As an employer if you get this balance right you will get more present, productive, engaged, healthier employees working with your clients - what a result!

Triodos Bank were winners of best large business, with regular yoga and meditation sessions, flexible working and volunteering schemes among the initiatives that impressed judges. We regularly hear about what a great employer Triodos are, it's great to see them achieving this recognition.

It’s not only employees who benefit from flexible working, the employer can benefit too, from reduced sickness and increases in productivity, engagement and loyalty as well as employee retention.

Offering flexibilty in the recruitment process increases the pool of applicants, and as only 1 in 10 roles are offered with flexibility, for forward thinking employers, it gives them access to an untapped pool of talent.

Flexology provide recruitment services with a focus on flexibility, we recruit qualified professionals, in permanent, contract and temporary positions, ranging from full time (with home working and/or staggered start times) to part time and job sharing.

We haven't yet found a role where flexibility couldn't be introduced, which then led to an exciting change in dynamic for our client, in terms of the applicants attracted to the role.

We also provide consultancy services to our clients, bringing to life their flexible working framework, introducing innovative and exciting ways of working, shaping roles that work for them and their employees.

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