Flexible Working - #ItsAboutTime

We started Flexology because we worked flexibly ourselves and were frustrated about the lack of flexible jobs in the market to move to, this had left us, and others trapped in our roles.

Nearly 18 months on, frustratingly, not much has changed, there is still a massive lack of flexibility in the market, and yet research shows employers struggle to find and retain the talent they need.

5 August 2018

So we're launching a campaign in August - #ItsAboutTime as we think it's time things changed. We want to help employers see the benefits of flexible working and do something about it!

To look at the size of the problem (or opportunity!) we conducted some research today and found the following;

Flexology Research

But what is the demand?

recent study found that an estimated 87% of employees want to work flexibly, that means that in the above cases an estimated 70 -75% of employees would not have found the flexibility offered in the current jobs market that they are looking for, and therefore would potentially have not applied. What a wasted pool of talent!

So what does #ItsAboutTime mean?

If we hadn't demonstrated enough from the above statistics that #ItsAboutTime to offer more flexibility, due to the size of the opportunity, there are plenty of other reasons!

1.#ItsAboutTime we were more productive

Working flexibly gives you the focus to be productive in the job you are doing, it's about the work you do and not the hours you do it in! Put simply, people who work flexibly and in particular part time, do not have the time to waste. Flexible workers are shown to be more productive in the hours they work, in fact according to Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, most employees are productive for just four hours each day - the rest is spent procrastinating and worrying.

2. #ItsAboutTime we had more time not working (controversial I know!)

Less time working

Lets face it, most of us have kids, hobbies, other things we'd like to be doing, if we have the time to do these things then we have more time to focus on work and be 'present' when we are at work. Employers that give this flexibility are rewarded with satisfied employees who are more productive, more engaged and more likely to be retained. This Cranfield study showed that firms introducing flexible working could generate performance benefits, and reported a positive effect on the quantity and quality of work performed.

3. #ItsAboutTime we sorted out the Gender Pay Gap and Gender Diversity

McKinsey Research

At least half the population are sick of not being paid equally and not being fairly represented in boardrooms up and down the country. About 20% of our candidates are men but the other 80% are women and the majority are mums who are looking for flexibility whilst their kids are young. They are still ambitious, have a lot to contribute and are great managers and leaders and yet this McKinsey research shows women drop off a cliff as they go up the promotion levels. This is around the time some will be having kids and need flexibility in order to remain in their roles.

#ItsAboutTime companies offered more flexibility in order to allow these women to take more senior roles, encourage thought and gender diversity and helped to balance the gender pay gap.

4. #ItsAboutTime because it's what your staff want and they are your greatest asset!

Life isn't about working 24/7 and 365, demand for more balance isn't just coming from parents, it's also now a core demand from millennials. Mental health issues at are on the rise with 1 in 6.8 people experiencing mental health problems in the workplace. We're all more stressed out, isn't it just #ItsAboutTime we put employees first, and give them the balance they are demanding.

The world of work is changing and flexible working isn't the only answer but with demand from an estimated 87% of employees#ItsAboutTime we changed this!

Watch this space as we share more news, research and competitions this month to continue the focus! Get in touch if you'd like to get involved and use the hashtag to support us, kristal@flexology.co.uk