Hit 2018 running – 5 steps to boost your career

Have you written your new year work resolutions? Don’t worry, we have done them for you! Shelley Snelson, co-founder of Flexology, shares these 5 steps to boost your career in 2018…..

9 January 2018

1. Always have a positive approach. Attitude is incredibly important to success, and a positive outlook will make you feel happier and more confident, and help you to lead and influence others. Try not to get involved in work politics, they drag everyone down.


2. Take time to build a network of colleagues and associates. This will help you to build your personal “brand”, they will bring fresh ideas and solutions to work conundrums but also can act as a support network in navigating the bumps in your career path. 


3. Know someone professionally that you have a lot of respect for? Consider asking them to be a mentor. Mentoring is much discussed, but the number of people that have them is still surprisingly few. A mentor can be hugely valuable, they will encourage you to think about your own career and develop a vision, pulling you out of the “day to day” to think about yourself. They will also have valuable advice for many career issues. They have done it all before.


4. Think about your skills, where are your gaps? What can be done to fill them? Do you need training, coaching, a secondment? All too often, people worry about writing a 5 or 10-year plan – a very hard thing to do. A skills focus is simpler and will only boost your chances of upwards progression. Remember, budgets are often allocated at the start of the year, so it may be a good time to ask now for that training that you would like.


5. Set goals. Think about what you want to achieve in 2018 and break it down into quarterly achievable pieces. You can then evaluate whether you are moving in the direction you had hoped, separate to the appraisal of your current role/company. Being able to measure your achievements will help you to gain momentum, you will be unstoppable!


Remember, if you are looking to change roles in 2018, we offer a free CV review and advice on your next steps. You can register with us and see the flexible roles that we are currently recruiting at flexology.co.uk or get in touch at shelley@flexology.co.uk Flexology are based in Bristol and are the Flexible Working experts in the South West.