Our personalised and bespoke services are designed to support you in the development of your flexible working framework. We will work with you to understand your business, developing our services to ensure that they help you to achieve your business goals. We are based in Bristol and can support businesses across the UK.

You will always work directly with one of our directors, in the delivery of your key priorities;

  • Recruitment - We help you to shape your recruitment programmes to find the talent and skills you need.

  • Headhunting - We can work with you on projects to attract the most talented candidates

  • Training - Our bespoke projects can be built according to need, from interview training for managers to productivity training for staff and everything in between

  • Consultancy - We have worked with our clients to introduce a number of initiatives, including flexible working pilots, gender pay gap reporting, returnships, review people strategy and implement diversity initiatives.

  • Keynote presentations - We are invited to speak at key events across the South West, with a focus on skills gaps, gender diversity and flexible working initiatives.

Why work with Flexology

We’re not your average recruiters. We’ve worked client-side for all of our careers so we know what employers need….and, more importantly, what you don’t need. So, we focus on quality, speed and value for money. There’s no spin, no hard sell and no delegation to an inexperienced junior team member. Finding the right people for your business is personal – our service to you is personal.

You want the best candidate, we can find untapped talent for you, by offering flexible working, there are numerous benefits of offering flexible roles to your employees:

  • Attraction of a wider talent pool and access to scarce skillsets;

  • Employee retention, including development of a more diverse senior management team;

  • Ability to meet customer demand through shifts that cover longer working hours;

  • Reduced desk and office space requirements; and

  • Ability to adapt more quickly to change.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but these benefits have evidenced links to improved staff diversity, cost savings and improvement in business performance.  You can find out more about the studies behind this in our client resources.