We offer services designed to support you in the development of your flexible working framework. We can help you with:

  • Recruitment: We recruit permanent, contract and temporary positions.  All roles must offer flexibility in either hours, location or both.

  • Consultancy: We can help you to shape your policies, team structures, recruitment programmes and diversity initiatives.

  • Innovation: We want to develop and improve the opportunities for flexible working in the South West.  We have several pilot initiatives starting, including returneeships and job sharing.   

Why flexible working?

There are numerous benefits of offering flexible roles to your employees:

  • Attraction of a wider talent pool and access to scarce skillsets;

  • Employee retention, including development of a more diverse senior management team;

  • Ability to meet customer demand through shifts that cover longer working hours;

  • Reduced desk and office space requirements; and

  • Ability to adapt more quickly to change.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but these benefits have evidenced links to improved staff diversity, cost savings and improvement in business performance.  You can read the  studies behind this in our client resources.

Client Feedback

Your ideal recruitment partner

We are passionate about the opportunities that flexible working can offer your business.

Our combined experience of change management, organisational and financial restructures, leading and recruiting teams and shaping policies and procedures allows us to better understand the challenges you face than traditional recruitment businesses.

We also have access to a large pool of professionals who are looking to work flexibly. They represent the highly-skilled, under-utilised individuals who are out of work because they cannot find a role with flexibility. Or those who are trapped in a role due to a lack of flexibility elsewhere. Working with Flexology gives you access to these candidates,  presenting a remarkable opportunity for your business to secure some of the very best talent available.

We can identify the perfect roles and candidates for you.  Why not contact us today to see how we can work together to generate positive results?

Client Feedback